2004 musitronics

New Expansion Boards for
KORG PA1X/Pro series

powerd by XPRODATA and musitronics

XMS1 Golden Entertainer   XMS2 Organ Legends   XMS4 Digital Concert Piano

XMS4 Digital Concert Piano

The expansion board for real piano enthusiasts !

With this board the PA1X/Pro can be transformed into a digital concert piano! You always wanted everything in one package? There you go !

The XMS4 expansion boards converts your PA1X/Pro into an exclusive, first-class digital concert piano of a highest quality level! And the best of all, you are able to combine all sounds with the already terrific internal ones even in styles, midifiles and pads.

The quality and resolution of the samples meets highest studio standards and does not differ in quality criterias from the most successful digital pianos on the market. The main advantage is that you have got everything in one proffesional keyboard and you don't need a second one.

This board as well has been programmed by Dietmar Delissen. In combination with the fantstic sounds of the PA!X/Pro - this becomes an essential card for piano enthusiasts.

  • Stereo Concert Grand Piano with three velocity layers
  • Fender Rhodes with three velocity layers 
  • DX/ E-Pianos  
  • new Vibraphon 
  • Full compatible to EXB1 Piano Board from KORG  

Some sound demos:


Modern lead-free design based on flash technology, so it is possible to update the board.

For (price, delivery time) please send us an e-Mail:info@musitronics.de